Accept crypto payments from customers anywhere in the world

Why use us?

You can become a merchant for only 0.5% Our pricing is solely transaction based. No monthly plans, no fixed charges. Just half a percent.
We handle only cryptocurrencies, wallet to wallet (no FIAT currencies, no custodial service providers), this makes the registration process very quick and easy. Your merchant account is guaranteed, no unnecessary questions, no lengthy verifications, no KYC, no limits, no matter where you are from.
We are not a custodial service provider, we don't hold your money even for a split of a second. We facilitate every transaction directly between the buyer and the seller. The customer doesn't need an account to pay, they only need a Metamask wallet.
We value your true privacy. Let your customers or donors stay anonymous. Collecting donation anonymously might bring way more in, especially in politically sensitive matters. Offer a checkout solution for your customers who really don't want to see your store's name on their credit card statements.
You can save tremendous development time by using our ready made solution. Integration takes only minutes or hours to accomplish.
It's your choice how regulated you need to be. We provide the intermediary role for your account receivables and can provide you with auditable transaction statements, so you can present full and transparent records of your crypto income to your Tax Authorities.
Get paid in hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including stable coins on 6 different blockchains for your goods and services. Reduce transaction time and fees.

New to Crypto?

Find our step-by-step guide here on how to set up crypto payment gateway in your online store:

Easy setup

Sign up and use our API in your store

Self custody

Only you have the possession of your digital money


Accept payments from anywhere in the world

No hidden fees

0,5% transaction fee

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that works on blockchain technology. It's essentially digital money that can be transferred instantly and globally. Unlike traditional banking systems, cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning there's no central bank or authority controlling the currency. Cryptocurrency payments are incredibly efficient compared to other payment systems. For instance, it's fast and easy to send and receive. Other payment methods require extra time and steps to complete transactions for the payer and for the payee as well.

Crypto payment that you can use everyday

By using, anyone can pay cryptocurrency for your goods and services from anywhere in the world without any limitations. With, buyers have the option to select e.g. Polygon network where fees for sending crypto are negligible. All transactions are irreversible and transparent.
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