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How to Register with inCoin

  1. Access Our Official Website: 

         -  Visit our official website,

     2. Initiate the Registration Process:

         -  In the top right corner of the landing page, locate and click on the "Sign In" button.

      3. Commence Your Registration: 

         - Within the subsequent screen, locate and select the "Sign Up" option positioned at the lower section of the page.

      4. Choose Your Preferred Registration Method: 

          Option A:

    • Complete Personal Information:
      • Fill in essential personal information, including your full name, email address, and chosen password.
      • Progress to the Next Step: - Click the "Next" button.
      • Provide Business Details: - Fill out the Business Data form, with particular attention to the mandatory "Business name" field, which will be visible to your clients.
      • Enter Wallet Information: - Complete the "Wallet Data" form by specifying your preferred blockchains, inputting your wallet address (or learn how to acquire one), selecting your preferred cryptocurrency categories, and accepting the terms and conditions.
      • Confirm Registration: - Click the "Submit" button.
      • Confirm Your Email: - Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Open the email and follow the "Confirm Email" link to finalize your registration.          

Congratulations! Your inCoin account is now active. 

          Option B:

    •  Registration with Google Credentials:  -
      •  Use Your Google Account: - Opt for registration via your Google account. 
      • Proceed: - Click the "Next" button
      • Provide Business Information: - Complete the Business Data form, with emphasis on the mandatory "Business name" field.
      • Input Wallet Details: - Fill in the "Wallet Data" form, indicating your preferred blockchains, wallet address (or learn how to acquire one), preferred cryptocurrency categories, and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Congratulations: - Your inCoin account is now active.

           Option C:  

    • Registration with a Wallet:
      • Select Your Wallet: - Choose your preferred wallet from options such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet (if you don't have a wallet, we can guide you).
      • Authorize Signature Request: - Sign the signature request within your chosen wallet.
      • Complete Personal Details: - Provide personal information, including your name and email address.
      • Business Information: - Complete the Business Data form, focusing on the mandatory "Business name" field.
      • Wallet Data: - In the "Wallet Data" section, select your preferred blockchains, cryptocurrency categories, and accept our terms and conditions.
      • Confirm Your Registration: - Click the "Submit" button.&nbsp
      • Verify Your Email: - Look for a confirmation email in your inbox, open it, and click the "Confirm Email" link.

 Congratulations! Your inCoin account is now operational. 


Do you have any question?

Or if you have any comments or ideas about the application, feel free to contact us at Thank you if you contribute to increasing the quality of our solution.
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